Sydney from Centrepoint 2004


April 2004

Fourth day in Sydney and it was time for tourism. I wanted to do two things - view Sydney from Centrepoint Tower and then spend time at Circular Quay taking photos of the Bridge and the Opera House. First was Centrepoint Tower. A long time ago, maybe in the 80s, I had dinner in the revolving restaurant in Centrepoint one night. I remember the view as being dark with lots of little lots, and the motion made me very slightly nauseous. Or was that the wine? Now I wanted to see the view in daylight. Richard was my accomplice. We met outside the Queen Victoria Building and headed for Centrepoint.

[Looking up at
Centrepoint Tower]

[Entrance to
Centrepoint Tower]

$22 to go up to the observation deck. Okay, I'm a tourist and that's expensive but not too expensive. We went up. Fancy lifts. We were early and the line was short so we went up almost immediately. When we came down later on, the lines were long. Go early if you plan on going. The view from up top was amazing. I was really glad I went. You got a complete view of Sydney. I took a lot of photos, but all photos were taken through the glass windows and there were reflections from the morning sun. I've got the best photos here, the ones without the worst reflection. Some of them, like the next photo, I don't know how I got that straight-down look. But I'm pretty happy with the photos.

I started where the lifts came out, and that was looking out over the Domain and the Harbour. I started there, started photographing there, and then moved along to the right until I came back to where we started. But first, a look down at the streets below.

[Looking down on
the Central Business District]

Looking over the Domain at the Harbour. The inlet on the left is Farm Cove. The indent the right of Farm Cove is the Navy Base and that's called Woolloomooloo Bay.

[Farm Cove and
Woolloomooloo Bay in Sydney Harbour]

Further to the right. A closer look at the Navy Base in Woolloomooloo Bay. The two islands in the middle are Clarke Island, and above it is Shark island.

[Farm Cove and
Woolloomooloo Bay again, with Clarke Island and Shark Island]

Moving down a bit to get the green of the Domain again. The church at the bottom right is St Mary's.

[The Domain in
Sydney, with St Mary's]

And now we can see how far back Sydney goes. It just goes on and on into the horizon.

[Sydney business
all the way to the horizon]

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