Chris and Jennifer's Wedding

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19th June 2003

Another in my series of co-worker weddings. Chris is one of the Oracle Team, located at the back of the cubicle farm. Chris is patriotic, effervescent, enjoys life pretty fully, and occasionally tempers his amused enjoyment of life with the odd serious moment. He's a nice guy. I don't know Jennifer very well, and have only met her a few times, but she seems a sensible, laidback, serious young woman who also breaks out and enjoys life to the full. Their wedding seemed to be full of little disasters, but they took it all in their stride, enjoyed themselves with gusto and laughed at the little setbacks. This is a good omen for their future life together.

We missed the wedding ceremony, thanks to the torrential rain, the minor flooding, and a car mishap. But we made it to the important part of the day - the reception. Small, intimate, fun and out at the Naval Base at DamNeck. Our third visit to Shifting Sands. The cake didn't appear, but two hurriedly obtained temporary cakes were substituted and were used to fine effect smeared over Chris and Jennifer's faces. One of the highlights of the reception was the disposition of the garter. I hadn't seen that trick played before. It was funny once, but ...

I have very fond memories of the large round of baked camembert. I made sure none of that remained. The meal was an interesting concept. Different styles, cooked individually at your command, fine and fresh and tasty.

I danced. I really only dance when enough alcohol breaks down my desire not to be made a fool of. I had enough alcohol, I was persuaded, so I shuffled about the dance floor with Anne.

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