Our Himalayan Cats

We have two Himalayan cats. Himalayans have Siamese colouring and intelligence and vocal abilities, but the long Persian fur. And these two cats are the smartest and most loving cats I've ever had. Redrum and Ruffian.

Born in January 1991. That makes them about 13 now (in 2004). Redrum shows no physical sign of aging, other than a slightly darker colouring, but she's become more sooky, less adaptable to change. Ruffian is the opposite. She has aged physically. Her personality is still that of a slightly retarded kitten, but her body is giving her trouble - constipation problems, wobbly back legs, unsteady on her feet, Horner's syndrome, mega-colon. Still, they are both happy and enjoy life. Redrum will probably live to be 25, but Ruffian will probably have a shorter lifespan.

From the email I receive, this seems to be one of the more popular pages on my web site. Lots of people must search for "Himalayan cats" and end up here. I think it's interesting that even in the techno-geek world of the Internet, a popular topic is still pets.

I have a photo gallery of some of the photos used in these pages, plus some other unused ones. It's a bit sparse these days, but worth a brief look. Follow this link to the cat photo gallery.

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