A Faithful Cat Awaits Its Master


30th June 2002

My Redrum is devoted to me. God knows why. Every afternoon, near time for me to come home, she stations herself near the front door and waits for me. Even if I'm late, she will wait and wait for me to come home. And when I do, she bounds up and wows and hows at me and rumbles and wants to be picked up and cuddled. Anne laughs at the poor cat and we both feel sorry for her when I am very late.

Recently, I went to Indianapolis for a conference and I was gone from Friday to Wednesday. Anne said that it was pitiful. Redrum waited by the door all Friday evening, and slept on the couch near the door all night. She knows that sometimes I work through the night and come home at very odd hours, so she hangs on grimly as long as she can. She kept waiting for 3 days, then her poor little heart broke and she started spending evenings and nights with Anne. When I finally came home on Wednesday, she had lost weight, her fur was a little matted and she was jumpy and sad and tired. Poor silly stupid little cat.

I bellowed for her when I came in and she came running. I had to pick her up and give her a long cuddle and talk to her, and she kept rumbling and falling on my feet. When I sat down to read the mail, she sat at my feet and glared at me, while rumbling away happily.

Now that things are back to normal, she's put her weight back on, her fur is smooth and shiny again, and she's stopped acting neurotically. Until next time.

[The accusing, yet very
happy, Redrum]

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