Handling Ruffian


24th June 2001

Saren visited us in early June 2001. Whenever we have a visitor, we demonstrate Ruffian's tricks. She's the trick cat. Saren took these photos of me demonstrating what we can do with Ruffian. This is just after we walked a few miles at the Seashore State Park and just before we headed off to Back Bay. So after a few hours walking in the sun, my face is red. Gee, a little bit of exercise and I turn really ugly.

Note the Captain Goodvibes T-Shirt. Specially made for me, many years ago by Ford Miles. I have a coloured one too, but the black and white one is very striking and perfect for inviting comment. All of Ford's T-shirts are works of art and I have taken very good care of them and they have lasted for at least 13 or 15 years. I hope to have them still doing service in another 10 years.

I can pick Ruffian up, balance her bum on my hand and then hold my arm out. She will sit there, completely trusting, tongue stuck out in pleasure, and balance for as long as I can hold her.

[Ruffian's balancing trick]

And when she's done balancing, I can drag her back and hold her like this, and again she's completely relaxed with her tongue stuck out. The tongue sticking out indicates that she is a "special" cat and she is extremely happy. [Ruffian relaxed and happy]

Then I can hold her and grab her under her front paws and let the body dangle all the way down. She will stretch all the way out and I can rub her belly and she relaxes even more and blisses out. [Ruffian stretched out
  for a belly rub]

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