Cats in 2001


22nd May 2001

This is one of my favourite cat photos. The quilt is a wonderful colour, and Ruffian looks great on it. Good colour combinations, and a cat that temporarily stopped being a stickybeak mischief maker long enough to look cute.

[Ruffian on the bed]

It's winter, and it's cold and it's blustery and wet. There's snow on the rooves, and mould on the dolls house. The cats love to get out in this weather. They love the wind in their fur. Redrum knows what a dolls house is for. She likes to get up there and see if she can peer into other backyards. Ruffian likes to fluff herself up really large and leap and bounce about. [Frisking in winter on
  the dolls house]

They blend into the carpet so well. I have a lot of trouble with their eyes. They either do redeye or goldeye.

[Happy on the carpet]

This is unusual. Ruffian is upstairs and on the carpet and there isn't a single piece of cloth in sight. Must have been before Anne got the quilting bug because it doesn't look like that up there now. [Frisking in winter on
  the dolls house]

She's a bit like Anne. She doesn't like having her photo taken. So here she's being Ms Grumpy. [Ms Grumpy]

Now she's not so grumpy. She's starting to relax, stretching out, propping up on the pillow. Soon she'll be blissed out.

[Getting blissed out]

Okay, now she's blissed out. Paw on the pillow, eyes squidged up, mouth half open. She's gone.

[Blissed out]

The mischief-maker. Ready for action. Don't her eyes look weird? There's a good reason for that. The original photo showed her as the Cat From Hell with glowing red eyes. This is my first attempt at redeye reduction. The redeye is gone, but I think I've made them too black instead. More experimentation necessary. [Mischievous cat]

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