Our Himalayan Cats - Cats in America


16th April 1999

The cats have arrived in the USA and settled down.

I left for the USA on 18th January 1999. Before I left, we packed a lot of stuff into boxes and shipped them to the US. This made the cats unbeasy and suspicious. Then I dumped a lot of stuff and threw stuff out and gave stuff away. This made the cats very uneasy and a little unhappy. They've had a comfortable life for so logn that they got complacent and didn't like change. This was a major upheaval for them. Then I left. Anne told me that that Ruffian was pretty good and didn't miss me, but Redrum kept waiting for me to come home, but I never did. That made her pretty unhappy.

When it was close to the time for the cats to leave, they had to go through another upheaval. Visits to the vet. They had to get shots. They had to have their teeth cleaned. They had to have more shots. They had to be inspected. And as part of getting ready for the plane flight, they got locked in their travel cages for a few hours a day. They were not happy pussies.

The big day arrived in mid March and they were slightly drugged and then stuffed into their travel cages, sitting on top of Huggies. Dragged to the airport, stuffed into the hold of a plane, and then abandoned for the 13 hour flight to Los Angeles.

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