Our Himalayan Cats - My Cats Have Been Taken Over By Aliens


September 1998

Several days ago, I noticed something strange about the two cats. It looks like it's normal for them, but it sure looks weird. Ruffian is missing one of her upper incisors. The top snapped off ages ago, and we had the whole tooth removed as it was decaying. This is unfortunate because the upper incisor used to keep her upper lip puffed out so her lower incisor would fit neatly under the lip. With the upper tooth gone, the lower incisor sticks into the upper lip. It doesn't fit any more. Sometimes she looks uncomfortable, so I pull her upper lip out and over the lower incisor. And sometimes, she just looks really comfortable and I do it to annoy her. But when I did it recently, I noticed something about her upper lip. I pulled it out further, and looked on the underneath. Tentacles. Lots of small tentacles waving at me. Weird stuff. I checked the other side and it was the same. And I looked at Redrum, and she's the same. They both have these weird small waving tentacles on the inside of their upper lips at the front where their fangs fit. I don't know if other cats have the same things. I don't know what they are for. I don't know if my cats have been possessed by aliens or demons.

Maybe someone out there knows if this is normal, and what they are for.

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