Our Himalayan Cats - A Relative Peace


20th August 1998

Nothing new to report. The cats are locked indoors all day and night. They have adjusted to such close quarters and don't mind it. We do let them out on occasion, so they can wander around and get a bit of sun and eat a bit of grass.

We built a large extension to the house out the back. It's a large deck, about 90 square meters, and it's got a roof with clear plastic to let the sun through but not the UV rays. It took ages to build. No, that's not strictly true. it took ages for us to paint all the wood, and a relatively short time for our builder to erect it. The painting took us forever, and there are still some beams that don't have the final coat of paint. When we were out in the back yard doing some painting, we didn't let the cats out much, after we discovered that their proud tails are perfectly designed to collect fresh wet paint when they brush past our handiwork.

When the bulk of the painting was finished, and the flooring had been laid, we did let them run around a bit. They particularly liked running around and playing on the deck, and just flopping down in the sun and snoozing.

[Buffy on the deck]

Even in wintertime, we can sit out on the deck on weekend mornings and enjoy a bit of gentle sunshine and relax. The cats love to come out there with us. They get to run around and flop around and jump up on things and play. Ruffian, naturally, wants to be the centre of attention. So she jumps onto the table and curls up in the bowl and assumes that she's the centre of our lives. Which she is.

[Buffy in a bowl]

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