Our Himalayan Cats - Aromatherapy and the Modern Cat


9th March 1998

Last year, we were discussing the cats with Kym. This was shortly after we had made an arrangement with Kym that she would keep Max locked up on some days and we would keep ours locked up for the other days. This arrangement lasted about two weeks and then Max was let out at all times again. It didn't worry us too much because we had taken to locking ours away, just to be safe. But we did ask Kym why she had broken the agreement. She said that as there hadn't been any problems for two weeks, she had decided that it was all working out fine and the problems had gone away between the cats.

The logic behind this pronouncement beggars the imagination. Of course it was working out alright - the cats were permanently separated. And I have to marvel at the hope of someone who can believe that problems of a year's duration can go away after two weeks. No matter. People are entitled to their stupidity.

But one statement that Kym made absolutely floored me. She said that part of why she assumed that the problems had gone away was that Max had been getting treatment. Yes, he had been getting aromatherapy. My jaw literally dropped when I heard that. Can you believe it? Aromatherapy for a bloody cat? Personally, I think aromatherapy is useless on humans, but if people want to smell nice things, then fine, good luck to them. But using aromatherapy on a cat to stop its murderous impulses is like buying a pet frog to fix a broken television set. The thinking is so lateral it's laughable. Is it part of the lore of modern times? Young wives' tales?

The end result, of course, is that they wasted their money completely on such a stupid treatment. Max is out and about fulfilling his nature by fighting for his territory. The fact that it's our territory and not his is lost on the primitive brain of a feline. Aromatherapy would merely have annoyed him.

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