Our Himalayan Cats- Ruffian's Kidney Problems


22nd February 1998

We've had a panic attack over Ruffian. She may have kidney problems. We have to wait a little while longer and then get her tested. It started with an inability to pee. She was in great distress, so off she went to the vet again. They must love us. There was a bladder infection. So they squeezed her dry, ouch, gave us some antibiotics and said to get her tested when she was finished the treatment. We will do that real soon now.

It may be related to the dry cat food that we foolishly fed them for years. When we got them back from the breeder after the Turkey trip, he soundly chastised us for feeding them the commercial dry cat food. Causes kidney problems, he yelled. And now Ruffian might have kidney problems, we feel very guilty.

We weaned them off the dry cat food after he yelled at us, but the damage may already have been done. It took months to stop them bellowing for it. They wanted their Kitty Crunchies, and they were most insistent. Now they've forgotten it. We think. So it's kangaroo most of the time, with a bit of tinned fish. That's pretty ironic, isn't it? We feed our imported parasites, responsible for the destruction of our native wildlife, with our national symbol - the kangaroo. It's good tucker, though, for cat and human.

[Two cats on a couch]

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