Our Himalayan Cats - Cat Terrorism


September 1997

Ruffian and Redrum have both been attacked again. Ruffian was worst off, but she coped with it pretty well. One afternoon, the cats wanted out. We checked to see if Max was locked up, and yes he was. So our two went outside for a breath of fresh air. Ruffian headed for the front of the house, where she met Max. Rob had come home and let Max out. I was in the computer room and I heard cats squalling. I rushed out the front and Max was looming over Ruffian, and she was crouched down and hissing at him. I headed for him, but he saw me coming and whipped away as quick and as sly as a black snake. I checked Ruffian quickly, and she seemed okay. By the time I got her inside, I saw the blood so we checked her out and cleaned the wounds. She had two bite marks over her spine. Max is not doing the usual slash and swipe attacks. He is trying to kill our cats. He bites them on the spine or at the back of the neck. This bastard is out to kill. We cleaned Ruffian's wounds and hoped we had got to them in time so she didn't need a trip to the vet.

[Injured Ruffian sleeping with

Well, it worked on the two bites we found, but not on the third one. It was further up and completely hidden by the bloody fur. That bite got badly infected, caused an abscess, and by the time we found it and got it to the vet, the flesh had necrotised and Ruffian was in a bad way. If she would only bung on an act when she got sick, we could work out that something was still wrong. But she doesn't. She hides it and plays and gambols until she's too sick to move and then she collapses. So Ruffian has another trip to the vet, and we fork out more money. She's ill for a while, but the antibiotics fix things up, and she perks up and everything's fine for a while.

Until one night when Anne is on the back decking with Ruffian and Anne comes inside to pick up her cup of tea, and by the time she walks back outside, there's Ruffian with Max looming above her again. This time, because half her back is shaved from the last attack, Max gets a couple of good bites in before Anne's shrieks chase him away. We clean up Ruffian again, but the bites were too deep this time, probably because the fur padding wasn't there to protect her, and she has to go the vet again. More shaving, more antibiotics. She's fine now. She still has half her back short hair, and the rest long hair.

But those two incidents made us start locking the cats up completely. They are only allowed outside with extreme supervision.

This is Ruffian after the vet has cleaned up the damage. She's cute, despite being injured, but look at her face. Her face shows her emotions. Here, she's sick and she's unhappy and it shows. [Injured Ruffian looking sad]

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