Our Himalayan Cats - More Neighbours From Hell


29th July 1997

Sadly, I cannot yet report the death of Max. The bastard is cunning, and his owners are cunning too. Cunning as shithouse rats.

We had hoped that the young couple next door would finish their renovations soon and sell up and leave us. Unfortunately for the neighbourhood, they have decided to stay. They've even put plans into the council for a massive renovation of the land. They plan on building on all but a tiny corner of their land. The plans are horrendous. From them, it's fairly obvious that Rob plans on carrying on his building business from home. There's a massive garage planned with storage for about four trucks and a couple of cars. It looks like our only option is to sell up and move.

So as we can't expect to get rid of them, and Max, we have to cope with the situation till there is a denouement. So far, there has not been the magic moment when I am home, they are not, and Max is out and about. They keep him locked up all day, and let him out for a pee at about 4:00 in the afternoon when they get back from work. He immediately rushes around, does as much damage as he can, then hurries back inside where he looks cute and demure all night.

This keeping him locked up started after one incident. Max got into a fight with a big black cat in our back yard. They were ripping into each other really badly. Anne came rushing out, thinking it might have been one of ours, and broke it up. What a pity. He was badly ripped, lost the tip of tongue (how would one cat bite the tip of another's tongue off?), and had to go to the vet. Kym said that next morning he was frothing at the mouth and shaking and really badly off. We all cheered. Let him cost them a bit of money. We love the idea. But, as soon as they realised that it might cost them money, they started locking him up.

They had also started getting a lot of angry comments from the other neighbours. We had taken to locking our two up all the time, unless we were in the back yard to supervise them. This pisses me off. It's come down to the fact that we have to stand guard over our cats if we want to let them out the back to have a pee. Anyway, because we keep ours locked up, Max can't get any satisfaction in our yard. So he has to roam further afield to beat up a cat. So he heads into other backyards and attacks their cats. Our cats used to form the buffer zone. Max came out, needs to beat up a cat, and our two were handy, and then he would go home. Now he causes more damage to our neighbours. The vets bills are mounting in the neigbhourhood. We're past $2,000. The overall bill would maybe be double that by now.

Kym has dug a hole for herself here. She's now known as a complete liar, and completely untrustworthy. She makes lots of promises and fails to deliver. She offered to pay half our vet bills. "Why not all?" we asked. It takes two cats to tango, she replied, and Max is just defending his territory. We asked that if he was defending his territory, why were all the attacks in other people's yards? No answer. No money either. It did reach a stage where she owed us about $400 on the pay-half offer she half-made, and yelled over to us from the balcony that she had our money and she would be around later to give it to us. That was as far as it went. She's promised others in the neighbourhood money for their vet bills, but they've never seen it either. And then the little liar has the hide to tell the others that she's paid us. I think she assumes that the rest of the neighbourhood act like them, and never talk to each other. Unfortunately for her, we all talk to each other. And much more since they moved in. We've all got so much to complain about now.

She's proved completely untrustworthy in keeping Max locked up. She made an arrangement with us that we would share the locking up. We would lock ours up for four days a week, and she would lock Max up for three days a week. Yes, it was faithfully agreed to, and it lasted one week. Why did she stop, we asked. Because there wasn't any trouble and she thought all the problems were over. I can't work out whether she's really arrogant or really stupid. Either way, none of the neighbours trust her. And she's the spokesman for the family. Rob is a large surly lout who ignores the neighbours. He never says hello, or waves. At least Kym will yell hello as hypocritically as she can, but Rob ignores everyone. He's probably sick of the fighting. I hope he gets so sick of it that he pisses off completely out of the neighbourhood.

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