Our Himalayan Cats - The Naming



In the meantime, we bought our house and moved in and got it ready to accept the kittens. The breeders had named them already. The little runt had been named Ruffian. We soon found out why, and we kept that name. While a kitten, she was a ruffian, a terror, a small furry horror, and today, as an adult cat, she is only marginally better behaved. The timid one had been called Missy, because of her shy and fastidious nature. I decided to rename her, and called her Redrum, as I am a Stephen King fan, and because I know the basic nature of cats. They might be loving, furry little children when they are in sight of us, but let them alone and they are vicious carnivores who will kill for food and fun. Redrum is Murder spelt backwards, as anyone who has read Stephen King's novel The Shining would know. And there we were in 1991 with Redrum and Ruffian.

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