Our Himalayan Cats - The Choosing



When we had recovered from the trauma of the wedding, we went over to pick up our kitten. I didn't want just one kitten, as I know that they get lonely when they're left alone while we're at work. So I gave in a bit more and opted for two kittens. We stood in a shed while two litters of kittens gambolled at our feet, and we had to choose. Anne looked down at her foot and there was a small kitten on its hind feet, tapping her leg, looking up expectantly, saying "Choose me, choose me.". Anne picked it up, and that was that. It was the runt of one litter, very small, and as a bonus, it came with a hernia. I looked around and found one kitten hiding shyly behind something. Keeping in mind my own very shy nature, I decided immediately on the scaredy-cat. By luck, they were both females and so would cost much more to de-sex. So we accepted our wedding present, and paid for the runt. We got a discount on the runt because of the hernia. The two of them are half-sisters, different mothers, but same father.

So then we waited till they were weaned.

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