BoJeffries Saga


Way back in 1983, I was reading a British comic called Warrior. I had been introduced to Warrior by Leigh, who had introduced me to many offbeat and unusual comics over the years. He introduced me to Cerebus the Aardvark and 2000 AD too. 17 years later, the only comics I read are Cerebus, one story from Warrior, and a few spin-offs from 2000 AD. Warrior was a strange magazine. In issue 12, there appeared the first part of a truly bizarre story The Rentman Cometh. This was the first ever story in The Bojeffries Saga. Next issue came the second part of that story One Of Our Rentman Is Missing. I was hooked.

The Bojeffries saga is written and drawn by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse. They are apparently famous now for many other fine comics, but I have only ever read The Bojeffries Saga.

The Bojeffries Saga is the story of a family living in a council house in London, England. It's a story of supernormal suburbia, a soap opera of the paranormal. There's:

  • a father, Jobremus Bojeffries
  • his daughter Ginda
  • his son Reth
  • Uncle Raoul Zludotny (the werewolf)
  • Uncle Festus Zludotny (the vampire)
  • Grandpa Podlasp (whose form is amorphous)
  • the baby (which appears nuclear)

There haven't been many stories. Each one is usually just a few pages. Here's the details of the publications:

Date Story Publication Scans
Aug 1983 The Rentman Cometh Warrior #12 [Warrior 12]
Oct 1983 One Of Our Rentmen Is Missing Warrior #13 [Warrior
June 1984 Raoul's Night Out Part I Warrior #19 [Warrior
July 1984 Raoul's Night Out Part II Warrior #20  
April 1986 Batfishing In Suburbia Dalgoda #8 [Dalgoda 8] [Dalgoda 8
1986 The Rentman Cometh (coloured and reformatted) Flesh and Bones #1 [Flesh and Bones 1] [Flesh and Bones 1
1986 One Of Our Rentmen Is Missing (coloured and reformatted) Flesh and Bones #2 [Flesh and Bones 2] [Flesh and Bones 2
1986 Raoul's Night Out Part I (coloured and reformatted) Flesh and Bones #3 [Flesh and Bones
1986 Raoul's Night Out Part II (coloured and reformatted) Flesh and Bones #4 [Flesh and Bones
May 1989 Festus: Dawn of the Dead A1 #1  
Sept 1989 Sex With Ginda Bojeffries A1 #2  
Feb 1990 A Quiet Christmas With The Family A1 #3  
April 1990 Song Of The Terraces A1 #4  
Feb 1991 Our Factory Fortnight A1 True Life Bikini Confidential  
1992 All previous stories reprinted
plus these new stories
Under The Settee With Len
4-Dimensional Fenestrations
Festus: Hallowe'en Masque
Ginda's Fabulous Fashions
Raoul's Recipe
The Complete Bojeffries Saga [Complete Bojeffries Saga] [Complete Bojeffries
  Saga back]

The scans in the table show which issues I have. I plan on collecting the lot in the next few years. If you are interested in deep belly laughs, quirky humour, unforgettable lines (vas not dock, vas poodle) and story-lines at right-angles to most other stuff, then I can heartily recommendThe Bojeffries Saga. The easiest way to read the stories is to hunt down the Complete Bojeffries saga. It's out of print, but occasionally surfaces on eBay.